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Are 5th Graders Ready for Middle School?
Are 5th graders ready for middle school? 

Do you think fifth graders are mature enough for the dramas of Middle School? Why did we move them?

The fifth grade year introduces students to middle school in a way where they are nurtured and supported. Fifth graders are generally housed within a small learning community in a specific area of the school, with limited interaction with older grades. One major focus is to build relationships with fifth graders and have an adult whom they can trust and speak to if there is a problem. We use a lot of elementary school concepts, but having them in the middle school environment serves as a transition.

There will be social changes for every student to adjust to in middle school. Bringing together many new students from different elementary schools into a single fifth grade will bring new friends and new social interactions.

Parents often have a more difficult time with the transition than students do. It’s unfamiliar territory for you both. But the opportunity to meet new people, learn new subjects, and grow into a new school is an exciting time for our students - particularly when they are supported by their families and school staff.

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