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Office of School Security

Photo of a school security officerThe mission of the Office of School Security is to provide professional services that support and promote a safe and secure educational environment. Our duties include:

  • Oversees emergency planning for the District and all school buildings. Emergency plan takes into account the full range of possible emergencies, from fires to bomb threats, severe weather alerts, and intruder situations. In addition to regularly scheduled fire drills, our schools have "lock down" drills in which students are directed to safe areas in the event of an emergency that requires them to remain in the building.
  • Administers programs and initiatives to prevent and reduce school violence such as bullying prevention and student assistance.
  • Offers a wide and varied range of relevant and practical staff development and training for principals, teachers, and staff enabling them to respond to students needs for safety and security.
  • Coordinates activities with and acts as a liaison to Metro Police and Fire Departments as well as the Office of Emergency Management.
  • Provides closed circuit TV and intrusion alarm systems for school facilities.  Additionally, this office provides 24 hour 7 day a week support for these systems through a staff of experienced investigators.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please call 259-INFO (4636).

School Based Safety Initiatives
The Office of School Security, along with its panel of community representatives and school personnel, are committed to continuing improvement in all aspects of safety within our District. The foundation for improvement has been laid with programs emphasizing the prevention of school violence. The Department of School Safety and Security addresses safety concerns with the following programs:

  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program offers school-wide intervention for the reduction and prevention of bully/victim problems. The school staff has the primary responsibility for the introduction and implementation of the program.
  • Building Bridges educates students on the acceptance of diversity and elimination of bias, bigotry, and racism in recognition that cultural and ethnic misunderstandings may lead to violence.
  • Learning for Life character education curriculum infuses character education into the academic curriculum on multiple levels. 
  • A Safe Schools Summit completes the District's prevention approach, offering an opportunity for experts to engage in dialogue with students and gain student involvement in making their schools safer.

2013 - 14 Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan
This plan details procedures to be followed during lockdown, lockout, or evacuation as well as emergency contact information and local hazards. Comments and feedback about the plan can be directed to security@mnps.org.

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