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The Academy at Old Cockrill School Profile

Address: 610 49th Avenue 
Nashville, TN 37209

School Contact

Phone: 615.298.2294
Website: http://www.academy.mnps.org

School Leadership
Bill Warren - bill.warren@mnps.org

Assistant Principal:
Carl Carter - carl.carter@mnps.org

School Counselor:

Tammy Nash - tammy.nash@mnps.org

Graduation Coach:
Tabitha Batson - tabitha.batson@mnps.org

Math Instructor:

Daniel Atkeson - daniel.atkeson@mnps.org

Spanish/French Instructor:

Bonnie Seay - bonnie.seay@mnps.org

English/Spanish Instructor:
Mary Jo Tewes-Cramb - mary.tewes@mnps.org

Social Studies Instructor:

Kay Wright - kay.wright@mnps.org

A+ Lab Coordinator:

Cynthia Weathers-Logoleo - cynthia.weathers@mnps.org

Exceptional Education:
Julie Crowe - julie.crowe@mnps.org

District 1 School Board Representative: 
Sharon Gentry 

District 20 Metro Council Representative:
Buddy Baker

Facts About our School:
Number of Students: 150
Grade Served: 12
Year School Built: 1939
Required Credits for Graduation: 22.5
Year School Built: 2012
Square Footage: 33,420
School Hours: 8:30 - 3:30

What Our School Offers

  • The Academy is for students who prefer or need a non-traditional approach to complete requirements for a high school diploma.

  • We will provide the tools and resources for each student to be successful. 

  • Transportation is the responsibility of the student.

What Makes Our School Unique?

Mission: To produce a safe environment in which students are inspired to achieve success through an individualized plan that leads to graduation. Our goal is to develop productive citizens and celebrate their success.

The Academy provides an opportunity for students who dropped out of school in their senior year or are thinking about dropping out to get their diplomas within one year. No student should attend The Academy for more than one year.

We have an open campus for lunch.

We are a school of choice, meaning that our students choose to be here and choose to work hard.

Students are expected to attend school on a regular basis.

Each student will be treated as an adult.

Program Goals

To develop a relationship with each student
To assist each student to reach his/her goals
To recognize each student as a unique individual
To celebrate the success of each student
To develop a caring, respectful, safe and nurturing environment for everyone in the learning community

Who Attends Our School?

  • 17-21 years old who require 8 or fewer credits in the content area.

Application Process
Attending The Academy is by invitation only. In order to attend, you must apply. There are two ways to apply:

1. Fill out an online application .
2. Come by in person and fill out an application.


PENCIL & Community Partners 

  • Marker Supply Company  



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