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Board Committees


2014-2015 Metropolitan Board of EducationCommittee Listing(Board Policy – GP-7)Board Chair, Sharon Dixon Gentry, serves as ex-officio member of all committees.
Board Committees/ Task Force Charge Membership Start Date of Appointment End Date of Appointment
Budget and Finance/Capital Needs««TCA § 49-2-203(10)(A)(i)TCA § 49-2-203(c)(i)  This committee is charged with the development and completion of the district's operating budget based on available revenues for each fiscal year beginning on July 1st.  It will also have responsibility for analyzing the district’s facility utilization and needs and develops a recommendation to the Board based on the district's long-term master facility plan The committee must submit to Board for approval in April. Anna Shepherd, ChairWill Pinkston, Vice Chair  9/23/2014 9/2015
Community Engagement«« To meaningfully engage the community in decision making processes that are intentional and systematic, and strengthen collaboration with school district stakeholders. The Committee is comprised of board members as well as school district staff members from the Office of Student Services. Will Pinkston, ChairMary Pierce, Vice Chair    
Director’s Evaluation««  This committee is charged with researching, developing, and recommending tools and procedures for the Director of Schools evaluation. Elissa Kim, Chair  9/23/2014 9/2015
Executive CommitteeTCA § 49-2-206 The Executive Committee, comprised of the Board Chair and the Director of Schools, meets as often as necessary to perform duties required; advertise for bids; serve as purchasing agent; examine accounts; submit full report of business transactions; any other business assigned by the Board.     Dr. Sharon Dixon Gentry, ChairDr. Jesse Register, Director of Schools 9/23/2014 9/2015
Governance««  The Governance Committee considers policy revisions and performs routine checks on the governance structure for recommendation to the Board. Amy Frogge, Chair  9/23/2014 9/2015
Teaching and Learning«« Provide initial review and recommendation of policies related to curriculum, assessment, evaluation, promotion/retention, and graduation to the Governance Committee; oversight for major district strategies affecting academics; strategic guidance around critical academic questions impacting students across the system Jill Speering, ChairJoAnn Brannon, Vice Chair 9/23/2014 9/2015


Ad Hoc Committees Charge Representatives Start Date of Appointment End Date of Appointment
Ethics Board Policy GP-10 The Ethics Committee investigates any credible complaint against an official or employee charging any violation of the Code of Ethics, or may undertake an investigation on its own initiative when it acquires information indicating a possible violation. Dr. Sharon Dixon Gentry, Chair  9/23/2014 9/2015
Naming of Schools – Ad Hoc Committee is responsible for naming buildings. JoAnn Brannon, ChairAnna ShepherdJill Speering 9/23/2014 9/2015

Administrative Committees Charge Representative(s) Start Date of Appointment End Date of Appointment
Administrative Retirement CommitteeTCA § 49-5-910(b) This committee manages the Retired Teacher’s Fund as administered by Metropolitan Government. JoAnn Brannon 9/23/2014 9/2015
Charter SchoolsTCA § 49-13-108        This committee is charged with reviewing Charter School applications, which are due on October 1 of each year.  The committee has sixty days to review applications and submit recommendations to the Board.  Will PinkstonMary Pierce 9/23/2014 9/2015
Insurance Trust TCA § 49-2-209 The Insurance Trust examines and recommends state-authorized insurance company contracts to the Board for approval.  Contracts may be amended, modified or changed.   The appointments are based on a three-year commitment. Jill Speering 9/23/2014 9/2015
Nondiscrimination Procurement ProgramMetropolitan Code:ORDINANCE NO. BL2008-161 This committee works in concert with Metropolitan Government’s plan to increase the offering of procurement opportunities for minorities and women. JoAnn Brannon 9/23/2014 9/2015
Sick Leave BankTCA § 49-5-801 The Sick Leave Bank Committee reviews applications for extended sick time for any employee who is a member of the Sick Leave program. The Committee meets once a month to consider requests and is chaired by the Executive Director of Benefits and consists of two School Board members, two MNEA appointees and a representative of the Director of Schools. Jill Speering  9/25/2012  9/2015
Diversity Management  Task ForceTCA § 49-6-3103 This committee is responsible for the monitoring of the current student diversity plan.  The committee meets bi-annually. Sharon GentryElissa KimAnna Shepherd 9/23/2014 9/2015

Local, State and National Organizations Charge Board Representative Start Date of Appointment End Date of Appointment
Alignment Nashville The purpose of Alignment Nashville (AN) is to create a system to bring community organizations and resources into alignment so their aligned support to Nashville’s youth has a positive impact on public school success and the success of our community as a whole. Amy Frogge 9/23/2014 9/2015
Council of Great City Schools Liaison The Council of the Great City Schools is the only national organization exclusively representing the needs of urban public schools. The Council is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the Superintendent of Schools and one School Board member from each city, making it the only independent national organization so constituted and the only organization whose sole purpose is urban education. JoAnn Brannon  9/24/2013 9/2015
Metro Board of Parks and Recreation It is the purpose of the Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation to provide and maintain sufficient acreage and facilities to effectively offer the most diversified recreational services possible. JoAnn Brannon  9/24/2013 9/2015
NSBA Council of Urban Boards (CUBE) CUBE helps urban school leaders find solutions to challenges at the local level and seeks to improve their policy making effectiveness.  Sharon Dixon Gentry 9/25/2012 9/2015
NSBA Representative NSBA works with and through TSBA and Advocates for Equity and Excellence in Public Education through School Board Leadership. Tyese Hunter 9/23/2014 9/2015
PENCIL Foundation The PENCIL Foundation links community resources of both volunteers and materials with Metro Nashville Public Schools. PENCIL administers eight educational programs that involve the community as volunteers and mentors, provide academic enrichment opportunities, prepare students for graduation and get school supplies in the hands of children who need them. Tyese Hunter 9/23/2014 9/2015
TSBA Legislative Network Representative TLN Representatives meet three times a year – February in conjunction with Day-on-the-Hill; August to take action on proposed resolutions and position statements; and November at the Annual Convention. Anna Shepherd 9/23/2014 9/2015
Coalition of Large School Systems (CLASS) This group of the four largest school districts in Tennessee lobbies for legislation and share best practices that work in the best interest of urban districts.    Anna Shepherd 9/23/2014 9/2015
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