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Curriculum & Standards
Curriculum & Standards

Expect More, Achieve More: Tennessee is Raising the Bar for Students in the Classroom

In the past, Tennessee's student achievement standards just weren't high enough. In order to better educate our students, we must expect more from them. Our students need to leave school ready to compete for jobs and college placement on a global scale.

That's why our state's standards are higher than they have ever been. Our curricula are more rigorous and our tests are more difficult. We're also beginning to adopt Common Core State Standards at many grade levels.

Our students are capable of achieving more and it's time we expected more from them. With these standards, our students will lead the way in education.

The Tennessee Department of Education's Expect More Achieve More website has a wealth of information about these standards, including resources and vides specifically made for parents.

Within this section of the website are the academic standards for nearly every class taught within MNPS. They include expectations of every student, performance will be measured and what the progress the State Department of Education expects to see. Many of these standards include links to the Common Core website, where the Common Core State Standards can be found.

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