English Language Learners
  English Learners (EL) is designed to assist those international students who may not be proficient in English.  All EL students are required to take the Gateway and other tests required of all students at Hillwood.  The students must also meet the course requirements to receive a high school diploma.
  Students go to an EL class for either one or two periods, depending on their individual fluency in English.  Students take regular coursework, and the EL teachers assist the classroom teachers in modifying and assisting these students. Currently, Hillwood's EL program serves 50 students from over 20 countries. 
  An exciting program done each year is our International Day.  On this day, students display information about their native country, and share art, music, and food from the different countries.  Students receive free tickets to these performances, which are repeated throughout the day.
For additional information:

Contact Ms. Maggie Proffitt at (615) 353-2025