School Counselors

Kati Dickerson
Health Sciences Academy
615-353-2025 ext. 807312

Ashley Shaver
Art Design and Communications
615-353-2025 ext. 807317

Valerie Barr
Business & Hospitality Academy
615-353-2025 ext. 807311

Catherine Thomas

Freshman Academy

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School Counselors are partners in student

The mission of the Hillwood High School Counseling Department is to foster the academic, career, social, and personal development of every student. Partnering with parents, educators, and the community, Hillwood counselors empower students to reach their maximum potential.

Who are Professional School Counselors?

Professionals with…

  • Masters Degree in School Counseling
  • Tennessee K—12 Counseling certificate

What Do Professional School Counselors Do?

  • School Counselors assist students with…
Academic Development
Effective learning strategies across the lifespan
Academic preparation for post-secondary options
Understanding the relationship of academics, work, family, and community life

Career Development

Investigating the world of work to make informed decisions

Exploring strategies to achieve future career goals

Understanding personal interests and abilities as they relate to career options

Personal and Social Development

Developing effective interpersonal skills

Developing effective self management skills

Building decision making and goal setting skills

Services Provided By Hillwood High School Counseling Department

Guidance Curriculum

Lessons designed to develop skills needed for effective academic, career, personal, and social development

  • Standards based classroom guidance lessons
  • Small and large group activities
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Family workshops

Individual Student Planning

Working with students one on one to create a plan for students to develop and achieve academic and career goals

  • Course selection
  • Education and career assessment
  • Work-based learning opportunities
  • Post-secondary planning

Response Services

Efforts to meet the immediate needs of students

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Collaboration with teachers, administrators, and parents
  • Referral services
  • Crisis response
  Counselors provide resources to assist students, teachers and parents with scheduling, post secondary choices and short-term counseling. Counselors also refer students and parents to support personnel in the district and community to help with special problems.