Academies of Hillwood

All of Hillwood's Academies 2012

We are Certified Model Academies

 Academy Mission Statements

The Hillwood Academy of Health Sciences 

  • GUIDE students toward successful careers in the field of health care
  • GROOM students for post-secondary experiences
  • GRADUATE students with 21st Century Skills

The Hillwood Academy of Business and Hospitality 

  • ENCOURAGE high levels of student achievement
  • ENGAGE students through real-world experiences
  • ENABLE students to grow and adapt to industry change

The Hillwood Academy of Art, Design, and Communications 

  • APPLY visual arts and media
  • DEVELOP creative thinking and professional skills
  • COMMUNICATE clearly using today’s technology

The Hillwood Freshman Academy 

  • TRANSITION students into the high school environment
  • LEARN the 21st Century Skills necessary for students to advance to the sophomore year and beyond
  • CHALLENGE students through a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment
Academic Pathways
 The Academy of Art, Design & Communication
• Journalism & Broadcasting
• Design Communications
• Visual Arts
 The Academy of Health Sciences
• Diagnostic Services
• Therapeutic Services
• Health Informatics
• Emergency Medical Services
 The Academy of Business and Hospitality
• Business Management
• Food and Beverage
• Music Arts

At Hillwood High School, the academic program includes a wide range of courses designed to complement student skill levels and interests.  The unique nature of Hillwood is that students may take vocational classes, honors courses in English, History, and Mathematics, and Advanced Placement. The Guidance Counselors at Hillwood work with students from the middle school programs to design a special curriculum to meet their needs and interests upon arrival at Hillwood. Any student can take Advanced Placement classes if they meet the prerequisite classes.

The Avid program provides special support, instruction on study skills, and tutoring for student who may be the first in their family to attend college.  Avid students take classes for college preparation, including honors and Advanced Placement classes.  Many scholarships for college are available for these Avid students.

The English Language Learner (ELL) program provides support for over 50 students from over 20 countries.  Please see the ELL page for additional information.

Students are encouraged and challenged to take classes that will maximize their opportunities to continue in preparing for college or vocational school upon graduating from Hillwood.  At Hillwood, our focus is on providing a strong academic setting to maximize each student's potential.  We are about the business of school.

 Our Academies are certified Model Academies by:

 We are a Certified Academy! We Are HILLWOOD! 

     Career academies differ from traditional academic and vocational education because they prepare high school students for both college and careers. Academics provide broad information about a field such as health care, finance, engineering, media, or natural resources. They weave the themes into academic curricula that qualify students for admission to four-year colleges or universities.

     Studies have found that students in career academies perform better in high school and are more likely to continue into post-secondary education, compared to similar students in the same schools. After assessing the most extensive, longitudinal study yet on academies by MDRC, William Rasberry, of the Washington Post, succinctly wrote, "The magic, apparently, is in the combination of linking academics to job prospects and the intensive involvement of adults." Several leading organizations of career academies have agreed on a common standard for academies, and use the following parameters when describing a career academy: * a small learning community, comprised of a group of students within the larger high school, who take classes together for at least two years, and are taught by a team of teachers from different disciplines; * a college preparatory curriculum with a career theme, enabling students to see relationships among academic subjects, and their application to a broad field of work; and * partnerships with employers, the community, and local colleges, bring resources from outside the high school to improve student motivation and achievement.

 “Open the doors of opportunity to talent and virtue
and they will do themselves justice.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), essayist, poet, philosopher