At Hillwood, parents, teachers, and students are partners in helping Hillwood to be an outstanding educational institution.  The official organization, PTSO, is an organization for parents, teachers, and students, whose objective is to help with projects to improve the education of students, maintain a beautiful campus.  Please visit the PTSO site to get membership forms and more information. 

   The Student Government Association, SGA, is an integral part of teaching democratc process to students.  These students who are elected by the student body, partner with administration, students, teachers and parent to put their imput into their education. The Student Government page will provide infomation on current student projects.  

   The PTSO, the Band Boosters, and the Topper Athletic Club join together once a month to have an All Hands Meeting.  Each group shares current activities so that everyone can support and be informed about activities at Hillwood.  At Hillwood, we are proud that the parents, teachers, students and adminstrators are a team, working together to make an excellent school.