Freshman Academy

            Academy Mission Statement

The Hillwood Freshman Academy Mission Statement is:
to TRANSITION students into the high school environment, provide opportunities for students to LEARN the 21st Century Skills necessary to advance to the sophomore year and beyond, and CHALLENGE students through a rigorous curriculum with high expectations in a nurturing environment.

Mr Kilkenny

Matthew Kilkenny
Academy Lead

Ms. Dufur

Anna Dufur
Academy Lead


Lia Beachboard

Ms Beebe Lopez
Andrea Beebe Lopez
Mr. Brock
Steve Brock

Carolyn Craig

Laura Cockman
Laura Cockman

Ms. Crandall
Shelby Crandall

Kevin Dudley

Mr. Harrel
Randy Harrell

Mr Kook
Jordan Kook

Laura Leonard
Laura Leornard

Lakeshia Morrow Thomas

Aaron Sparrow

Wanda Hodges

Ms. Stimax
Ellie Stimax

Yvonne Haney

Touchere Johnson
Touchere Johnson


Dr. C

Dr. Steve Chauncy

Executive Principal

Danielle Holdren

Danielle Holdren
Academy Principal


Deboarah Davis
Admin. Assistant

Catherine Thomas
Academy Secretary

Academy Principal: Danielle Holdren
Counselor: Catherine Thomas
Secretary: Deborah Davis

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Freshmen Academy